Business plans

At the present time, having a business plan is essential when seeking funding opportunities. Creating a business plan is not enough – you need to write it down properly and substantiate it with facts and calculations. We sometimes encounter companies which have the right ideas and profitable business but are still unable to attract the necessary financial support. We assist such companies by reasonably and properly transferring their plans and ideas into the business plan, describing how the received assets will be used, substantiating the company’s forecasts with economic calculations and generating estimated financial reports. We transport the entire actual situation that is perfectly described, yet, poorly substantiated, by company’s managers into the business plan.

We prepare the following types of business and investment plans:

  • Business plan to be submitted to the bank (for receiving funds): your already have an excellent business idea, yet, its implementation is hindered by the lack of funds? Prior to granting a commercial loan, the bank requests to see the business idea written down in a business plan. The bank will grant the loan if the business plan meets all the pertaining requirements. If requested by the client, we will participate in the negotiations with the bank concerning the funding conditions, complete the applications and prepare other documents necessary to receive the money (including the documents required for the INVEGA guarantees, Agricultural Credit Guarantee Fund and other state enterprises granting guarantees and support).
  • Business plan for idea modeling: you have a new business plan or, perhaps, you have decided to preplan the operations of your company for several years ahead. In such a case, we can offer you a flexible solution for the preparation of the entire business plan. Upon your request, we can prepare only certain separate stages of the business plan or to analyze only specific business management fields you are interested in. When preparing such types of business plans, the largest focus is on the formation of strategic goals, financial analysis, forecasts (modeling of operation scenarios), market analysis and demand research.
  • Investment projects (for attracting investors): a new business idea will be better developed with a reliable and capable partner willing to invest into your project. Different investors may have distinct goals when assessing the same projects; hence, the project must be engaging in addition to being substantiated with financial calculations, statistical data and realistic presumptions. We have accumulated a lot of experience in preparing projects of such type and we will gladly share it with you.
  • Business plans and investment projects for newly established companies, introduction of new product to the market, company’s operation field (finance, marketing, etc.), business development, general activities with foreign partners – we will prepare the business plan customized to the chosen area.

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