Business funding

Relying upon our experience, we will choose the optimal business funding solution for you. We collaborate with many credit institutions and select the most fitting business funding solution based on the current situation of the company. We follow the bank requirements and are experienced in dealing with banks. Thus, we will choose the best business funding solution for you based on the status and condition of your company. Some banks are more inclined to cooperate with commercial companies while others prefer manufacturers or granting loans to farmers. We will take care of this letting the managers of the company focus on their direct responsibilities.

Business funding: current assets

Companies are frequently faced with temporary lack of current assets resulting in their inability to take full advantage of their facilities and conduct proper business. The shortage of current assets is usually not dependent on the operations of the company and tends to occur due to external causes, e.g., due to the deteriorated financial situation of buyers or clients and their delays in making payments to the company. Sufficient current assets are very important to a company because even temporary lack of funds may result in a chain reaction of other negative consequences such as the company delaying the payments to suppliers and losing its partners and good reputation nurtured throughout the years.

Loans for funding the working capital

Short-term loans for the purposes of replenishing current assets or business development. The working capital can be funded by granting short-term loans, credit line, credit limit, overdraft or by selling accounts receivable (factoring).


  • A simple and fast method to replenish funds;
  • Finding the optimal solution out of all the short-term loan options offered by the Lithuanian financial institutions;
  • Possibilities for the company to plan further activities.

In need of larger funds for business development? You require a business plan to persuade the bank or another credit institution to fund your business.