Financial support

Due to our experience in cooperating with various companies, we can find the most suitable funding solution for you. We collaborate with a number of credit institutions; hence, we will select the most adequate solution. We carefully monitor the requirements of the banks. Thus, we are sure that cooperation with banks will run along smoothly.

Do you need the services of Finance Department? Answer these questions and find out:

  • Do you have whom to consult on financial matters?
  • Is your credit manager honest with you?
  • Do you really have enough time to visit all the credit institutions?
  • Have your read all the terms and conditions of the credit agreement?
  • Do you know what average interest is currently offered at the banks?
  • Is the funding source used by you the best?
  • Do you know all the peculiarities of financial tools?

If you have replied negatively to at least one of these questions, you could benefit from our help.

Contact us at: 

Andrius Pšemeneckas 
mob .: 8 616 34494