Business start up support



It is a set of free of charge consultations for people under 29 wishing to start up his/her own business.

What is a VOUCHER?

This is a document issued by us which will grant you the right to receive business start up consultations free of charge.

I have the voucher. What do I do NEXT?

If you already have a voucher, you must incorporate and register your own company within 6 months of receiving the voucher.  Please note that you can receive a 4-hour consultation session concerning the registration of a company prior to doing so.

How many vouchers can ONE PERSON collect?

One person may receive one voucher only.

WHAT TYPE OF A COMPANY may I register to be able to use the voucher?

Profit-seeking companies: joint-stock company, limited liability company, small partnership, agricultural company, cooperative, general partnership, limited partnership business entity, private company, European Economic Interest Grouping, law firm, European company, European cooperative.

How long will the voucher be VALID?

The holder of the voucher may receive the pertaining services within 12 months from the day of registering the company.

What FREE SERVICES will be provided for the holder of the voucher?

We will give you a free four-hour consultation session prior to the registration of the company and 50 hours of consultations after the registration of the company.

Who can USE the business start up support?

All persons under 30 years of age wishing to start a business.

Topics of free business start up consultations:

  • Record-keeping and document management;
  • Labor law;
  • Entering into agreements;
  • Business support;
  • Accounting;
  • Licenses and permits;
  • Business financing;
  • Marketing;
  • Business planning;
  • Assessment of business development possibilities;
  • IT use in business.

To implement the project financed under the funds of the European Union, we consult concerning business crediting and assist in receiving credits for business.

All young entrepreneurs are most welcome!

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