Refinancing is a procedure aimed at receiving a new loan under better conditions and reducing the payments made by the company. As the circumstances change, so do the financial status of your company and the market situation revealing new possibilities to take advantage of the more beneficial loan granting conditions. When a loan is refinanced, the same previously mortgaged real estate is mortgaged again. Additional real estate can be mortgaged as well to increase the available credit. Also, refinancing allows consolidating other credits held by the company. Thus, refinancing may improve the loan portfolio structure.

Please note that refinancing may involve additional charges, e.g., fee for early loan repayment, fee for refinancing using the funds of another bank, etc. There are many refinancing factors to consider and we can greatly assist you on this matter.


  • Having reviewed the business financing options offered by all the Lithuanian financial institutions, we will provide detailed information and prepare respective solutions based on your needs and possibilities
  • We will submit refinancing proposals in consideration with the long-term financial goals of your company
  • We will choose the most suitable financing method and provider of funds based not only on the loan cost but also on the conditions of receiving the money, the first installment, monthly installment amount and other conditions
  • You will save a lot of time as we will represent you in financial institutions, notary offices, real estate appraisal and other companies.