Loans to farmers

The Agricultural Credit Guarantee Fund issues guarantees to credit institutions ensuring the repayment of up to 70% of the unrecovered loan.

The credit guarantees are issued to:

  • Agricultural entities;
  • Entities engaged in alternative activities;
  • Agricultural processing companies;
  • Entities engaged in fishing activities;
  • Lithuanian Agricultural and Food Market Regulation Agency;
  • Rural communities and local action groups implementing investment projects financed by the European Union support funds;
  • Educational institutions and vocational training institutions owning experimental, expositional, training or testing farms and implementing investment projects financed by the European Union support funds.

We assist in receiving bank funding under optimal conditions

  • Saving client’s time. We gather all the necessary information on behalf of the clients, complete the applications for preferential loans, choose the most suitable conditions and help not to get lost among the heaps of documents and requirements.
  • Saving client’s money. We cooperate with many credit institutions which enables us to find the most profitable solution for the client under the immediate circumstances.
  • Increasing the chances of getting funded. We prepare and submit the business plan and other documents which include professional and substantiated descriptions of client’s ideas.