Accounting  is  a system of registering, grouping and summarizing economic operations and economic events expressed in money. This system is designed to provide information required to make economic decisions, to  receive and (or) generate the financial statement.

Al kinds of companies and organizations require accounting. Up to 90 per cent of all the economic data required for analyzing, planning and managing the company’s operations as well as ensuring the continuity of such operations is comprised of accounting information.

Proper accounting system is one of the most important and effective tools revealing internal reserves, helping save resources, systematically comparing expense to income and keeping to financial discipline. Therefore, it is especially important for company directors to properly understand the importance of accounting. Frequently, directors tend to use the cheapest accounting systems, resulting in damage to the company by improper assessment of the significance of accounting and its information.

The specialists at our company provide professional accounting services:

  • Handling the initial accounting documents (we carry out all the mandatory accounting organization and management actions according to the governing law of the republic of Lithuania);
  • Preparation and submission of reports to controlling institutions (we prepare the mandatory financial reports of the company to be submitted to the respective state enterprises, calculate and declare the taxes paid to the budget according to the laws of the Republic of Lithuania);

Accounting for all types of organizations and companies:

  • (AB) accounting of joint-stock companies
  • (UAB) accounting of limited liability companies
  • (VŠĮ) accounting of public institutions
  • (IĮ) accounting of private enterprises
  • (MB) accounting of small partnerships
  • Accounting of associations
  • (ŽŪB) accounting of agricultural companies
  • Accounting for farmers